Book Review: “Midnight Run” by Lisa Marie Rice


“Midnight Run” by Lisa Marie Rice

4 stars


Claire Parks has been very sick, but she’s fine now—just fine—and ready to paint the town red. Well, pink. On her first excursion into the wild world of dating, she nets Bud, a tall, sexy, good-looking lumberjack. She won him fair and square, her prize for not dying. But after a weekend of wild sex, she discovers he’s not what she thinks he is.

Undercover police officer Lieutenant Tyler “Bud” Morrison can’t believe his eyes. What’s a ‘princess’ doing in a dance club known for its rough trade? She needs rescuing, and rescuing women is what Bud does best. He saw Claire first—finders keepers. After a weekend of the hottest sex he’s ever had, he’s definitely keeping this one. When trouble comes her way, he pulls out all the stops to protect her. Except Claire doesn’t want Bud at her back. She wants him in her bed.


That was hot!! After reading the first book of this series, I wanted to keep reading. So it was a surprise for me that the second story was about a couple that we’ve read in the first book about.

This is the story of Bud Morrison and Claire Parks. He is a detective and she’s a young woman who wants to feel free. They meet in a place that both of them dislike and soon they realize that they are meant for each other.

Claire is a very nice woman. She’s innocent in many ways because her life wasn’t an easy one and she hasn’t any experience. But she’s funny, kind and wants more than everything to live a full life. She doesn’t want to be treated differently and that is something non negotiable.

Bud is an alpha male. A predator that wants the prey for himself and only. He is not used to women like her and he wants to treat her like she’s something precious. He made some mistakes because of that but he’s a great guy.

It has a very good plot and some of the best erotic scenes. My only complaint is that at the end, everything happened very quick and I believe that some more explanation might be good.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it very much and I recommend it to all the fans of this genre!

Book Review: “Midnight Man” by Lisa Marie Rice


“Midnight Man” by Lisa Marie Rice

4 stars


Interior decorator Suzanne Barron’s new tenant is the most dangerously sexy man she’s ever met. Navy Commander John Huntington, a former SEAL (aka ‘Midnight Man’) works best under cover of darkness. Within hours of meeting him, Suzanne has wild, no-holds barred sex with John, then panics at the depth of her passionate response to such a powerful and dangerous warrior. Suzanne doesn’t do sex like that. John is definitely someone she needs to avoid for her own peace of mind. But when killers come for her, Suzanne known she can turn to only one man. John will guard and protect her body. But who will guard and protect her body against John?


I was in a mood for an erotic read and I am glad I pick this book. From the beginning is very hot and steamy and with some of the best erotic scenes I’ve ever read!

Suzanne is an interior decorator and John is an ex SEAL and he’s going to be her new tenant. But since the moment they met it was easy to see that their lives were going to change.

Suzanne is a nice woman but a lonely one. She hasn’t find her prince charming because she was looking for a man with the same interests as hers. But what she needs is a strong man who will protect her and cherish her. I also liked her a lot because she is the kind of woman who wants to do the right thing even if that will not be good for her.

John is an alpha male all the way. Mysterious, sexy, protective, possessive and ready to do anything in order to keep Suzanne safe. He hadn’t serious relationships and he knows that a woman like Suzanne needs special care. He’s a man of a few words and of many actions. Sometimes he reminded me of a predator. But what I liked the most was that he wasn’t afraid of changes.

It was an enjoyable read but sometimes it was too fast-paced and it was like missing something. Nevertheless, I liked it very much and I recommend it to all the fans of this genre!

Book Review: “Blood Deep” by Lindsay J. Pryor


“Blood Deep” by Lindsay J. Pryor

5 stars


Bad can feel good, Jessie. Bad can feel as good as it can get.

The tattoos covering Eden Reece’s arm tell the tale of a con with an appetite for danger. Even so, arriving at The Circus – the criminal heart of Blackthorn – and demanding an audience with the notorious Pummel, is the sign of a death wish.

Jessie knows that Eden is trouble. Serious trouble. Held captive by Pummel, despite her powers, she also knows how dangerous a game Eden is playing. Yet she can’t ignore a connection far deeper than the physical spark between them – because Jessie has seen Eden before…

Jessie is the only one who can help Eden save those he loves. But as he uncovers her secrets one by one, he can’t ignore the emotions she stirs in him – feelings neither of them dare face. He risks death. If she trusts him, she risks a fate far worse.

As Pummel’s twisted plans become clear, there’s no doubt all hell risks breaking out in Blackthorn. With time running out, together Jessie and Eden might be the only ones that can stop it.


LOVED IT!!! Although, at first, I had a problem remembering details for the world-building and some of the characters from the previous books, soon everything became clear again and the story not only kept my interest but made me want more!

This series has a very dark world-building and very interesting characters. It’s the story of Eden and Jessie. Both of them are much more than what they appeared to be. I am not going to say anything more because I don’t want to write any spoilers.

What I am going to say is that I liked both characters for different reasons. Jessie, a very lonely woman with great powers, managed to stay untainted in a decadent and dangerous world. Eden is a decent man who stepped lower too many times because he wanted a better world.

Both of them are survivors and fighters. Different kinds, of course. But both of them felt lonely and they found each other in the darkest part of a dangerous world.

I am very curious about what the future will bring to the characters from all the books so far. The author is very talented and she’s building a great story!

If you haven’t start this series, I believe that it’s time to do it!

Book Review: “Reaper’s Stand” by Joanna Wylde


“Reaper’s Stand” by Joanna Wylde

4 stars


As Reapers Motorcycle Club president, Reese “Picnic” Hayes has given his entire life to the club. After losing his wife, he knew he’d never love another woman. And with two daughters to raise and a club to manage, that was just fine with him. These days, Reese keeps his relationships free and easy—he definitely doesn’t want to waste his time on a glorified cleaning lady like London Armstrong.

Too bad he’s completely obsessed with her.

Besides running her own business, London’s got her junkie cousin’s daughter to look after—a more reckless than average eighteen-year-old. Sure she’s attracted to the Reapers’ president, but she’s not stupid. Reese Hayes is a criminal and a thug. But when her young cousin gets caught up with a ruthless drug cartel, Reese might be the only man who can help her. Now London has to make the hardest decision of her life—how far will she go to save her family?


Another very good book in this series by Joanna Wylde! Maybe it’s my obsession with Sons of Anarchy, but I love it when a MC book is good. This one has it all: badass bikers, women in dangerous situations, mayhem and some pretty hot scenes. Yes, exactly what I needed!

This is the story of London and Reese “Picnic” Hayes and it’s a wild ride! She is a 38 years old woman who is raising her cousin’s daughter and he is the President of the Reapers MC. It’s not easy for them to be together and the obstacles are too many. They have a long road to go but it’s a hell of a ride!

I liked London very much because she is a fighter. She’s working hard, she raised Jess as best as she could under the circumstances and she did it all by herself. She’s also a woman who would do anything in order to help someone in need even if that costs her life and I respect her for that.

Picnic is amazing! Badass and hot just the perfect combination for a biker. He wasn’t looking for an old lady after a tragic event in his life but he found one anyway. He’s willing to help her and when things went south no matter the way he was acting I never believed that he wasn’t going to protect London.

I also liked Jess and Mellie. Both of them had a not so good life but both of them Had London’s love and that was what made them want to have a better life. After that epilogue, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen with Jess but I believe that I won’t find out anytime soon!

It was a very nice read and I recommend it to all the fans of this genre!

Book Review: “A Cursed Bloodline” by Cecy Robson


“A Cursed Bloodline” by Cecy Robson

5 stars


Just when Celia thinks the supernatural world can’t turn deadlier, a new rival emerges, proving just how dangerous a power-hungry were can be.

Since being cursed with unique abilities, Celia Wird and her three sisters have fought the most bloodthirsty preternaturals in the Lake Tahoe region. But Celia’s greatest threat is someone she would have never suspected: Anara, a werewolf Elder who has allowed his hatred for Celia to spiral out of control. In a play for dominance, Anara tortures Celia and gives her an ultimatum: sever her mate bond with pureblood were Aric — or Anara will kill everyone she loves.

From the instant they met, Celia and Aric have shared an attraction that cannot be tamed. So keeping Aric away is impossible, and Aric would sooner die than allow anyone to hurt the woman he loves. Misha, master vampire and Celia’s sworn protector, also finds his way into the chaos, seeking blood from those who have harmed her.

Now Celia and her sisters are caught in the middle of a war driven by lust, fueled by hatred, and destined to end in tragedy. For Anara is a force to be reckoned with, and he will not succumb without robbing Celia of those who hold her heart.



What was that?? I was expecting this book to be good because I love this series but this book was not just good. It was amazing! Although it was more fast-paced than what I usually prefer, I didn’t mind because I couldn’t put it down! I have to warn you that this book isn’t a book that will make you laugh like the previous ones. While reading it, I was angry at first and then I was crying like a baby.

Celia is in a very difficult situation. Anara wants her away from Aric and threatens everyone she loves. She can’t say anything to anyone or else all of them will suffer. So she breaks the bond with Aric with Danny’s help. Not even her sisters understand her actions and they believe that something is wrong with her. But Anara goes a step further and uses Pack magic to control the wolves and they can’t even remember their actions. On top of that, Celia is pregnant and she has to deal with everything alone.

I admire Celia for her strength. I really can’t believe what she did in the whole book. To be honest, if I was in her position and after the awful thing that happened to her, I would not be kind with the wolves. She sacrificed too many things for Aric and the wolves and still many of them have a problem with her because she’s not like them. Once more, I saw in Celia a strength and determination that I hadn’t seen before.

Aric is having also difficult time because he doesn’t understand Celia’s actions. He’s hurt and I was kind of disappointed because he didn’t understand from the beginning that something was wrong. And he paid, like her, a very high price for that.

Misha once more proved me that he wants to be loved. He did everything in his power to have Celia and he was angry when he realized that she didn’t love him that way but at the end, he helped her more than anyone.

But some of the most devastating scenes in this book were the ones with Emme and Liam. They were my favorite couple and everything went to hell. First, Liam found his true mate and dared to suggest to Emma to be a bridesmaid!!! I was angry with him and wanted him dead, until… he died. It was devastating to read. No matter my anger, I cried like a baby. For him, for his mate and for Emme.

Although almost everyone was awful to Celia, I love the sisters and their loved ones. But, I have to admit that Danny was the best in this book. He did everything in his power (and more, I may add) to help Celia.

My final thoughts? I just don’t like the wolves. Only Aric, Danny, Bren, Koda, Gemini, Liam (even if he’s gone) and Aric’s mother. The way they are with Celia is unacceptable!

I really can’t wait for the next book! A great series that all the fans of this genre must read!

Book Review: “Black Widow” by Jennifer Estep

black widow

“Black Widow” by Jennifer Estep

5 stars


With wicked Fire elemental Mab Monroe long gone, you’d think I could finally catch a break. But someone’s always trying to take me down, either as Gin Blanco or my assassin alter-ago. Now along comes the Spider’s new arch-nemesis, the mysteriously named M. M. Monroe, who is gleefully working overtime to trap me in a sticky web of deceit.

The thing is, I’m not the only target. I can see through the tangled threads enough to know that every bit of bad luck my friends have been having lately is no accident—and that each unfortunate “coincidence” is just one more arrow drawing ever closer to hitting the real bulls-eye. Though new to Ashland, this M. M. Monroe is no stranger to irony, trying to get me, an assassin, framed for murder. Yet, as my enemy’s master plan is slowly revealed, I have a sinking feeling that it will take more than my powerful Ice and Stone magic to stop my whole life from going up in flames.


If you haven’t read this series yet, I don’t know what you are waiting for! The Elemental Assassin series has one of the most interesting world-buildings I’ve ever read in an urban fantasy book and definitely the most badass heroine. But what makes it unique is that every secondary character is very important to the story and the bonds between them and the main character are inseparable.

In this story, Gin proves once more that there is a good reason why she’s the best in what she’s doing. The new villain wants to take over the town and she wants Gin out of the picture. So, she planned to hurt her family and friends and then kill her. But Gin, knows that something is wrong and she has a plan of her own.

I have said many things about Gin and I am going to say the same again. She’s badass and very smart. I love her loyalty to her family and friends and the fact that she’s ready to do anything to help them. We can see how clever she is when she knew that something was wrong long before the problems came and no one believed her. She’s very patient and she knows that everything must happen when the time is right.

All the secondary characters that we learned to love from the beginning of the series are here to help Gin as she helped them many times. While I was reading this book I had a feeling that this is a time for changes in Gin’s life and I am curious if I am right!

I can’t wait for the next book!!!

Book Review: “Downfall” by Rob Thurman


“Downfall” by Rob Thurman

5 stars


I let it go—all of it. Everything I’d been saving up all my life, building and growing inside me, too much to hold in one half-human body. It pushed and fought to be free with a force that turned me into a bomb with a timer vibrating on zero. I was free.

But so was everything I’d fought so hard not to be…

Brothers Cal and Niko Leandros know trouble when they see it—and then proceed to wipe the floor with it. But now it seems their whole world is falling to pieces. Cal’s nightmarish monster side is growing ever stronger, changing Cal physically as well as mentally. Which is exactly what Grimm—Cal’s savage doppelgänger—wants. And when a covert supernatural organization decides that it’s time to put Cal down before he threatens pretty much everything else in existence, the brothers find themselves in a fight they actually might lose. But the dark temptations Cal has denied all his life may prove to be exactly what can save them.

Even if he must fall forever…


WOW! Just WOW! There is a reason that this is one of my favorite urban fantasy series and this book is definitely the proof. I know that I’m saying that for every book in this series, but I am telling the truth. These books are getting better and better and I don’t know how this is even possible!

This is definitely darker and more difficult to read. But reading it make us understand way better the relationship between the brothers and Goodfellow. The fact that there is also Goodfellow’s POV makes this book even better!

In this story, Cal and Niko have to deal with the most dangerous enemy they have and with themselves. Cal has to accept that his darkest side is coming to the surface and Niko stands with him as he always does. And Goodfellow is trying to do his best to help his friends.

Cal is darker than ever. It seems like another life since I read the first book when he was way younger and immature. But now he is wiser and although he knows what he’s coming he’s determined not to lose himself. His love for Niko is the only strength he truly needs.

Niko is the best. Only a human but very stubborn to let non-humans deal with their shit. He is ready to walk to his death not only willingly but singing also as long he is with his brother. I wasn’t expecting anything less to be honest!

And as for Goodfellow… He is the silent hero. He lives since forever and he keeps losing his best friends and the only family that matters to him. He spends his years in loneliness until Cal and Niko come again for only a few years in his life and then die again… And he keeps expecting them because he loves them as brother. I have no words for him… I simply love him!

A great book and a great series!!

Book Review: “Games of the Heart” by Kristen Ashley


“Games of the Heart” by Kristen Ashley

4 stars


From the balcony of his house, Mike Haines can see the quiet, commonplace beauty of the Holliday farm. But what he remembers is the little sister of his high school girlfriend, Dusty who grew up there. As a teen, Dusty had gone off the rails but when she was a kid, she was sweet, she was funny and she had a special bond with Mike. But after high school, she took off and Mike never saw her again.

Then tragedy strikes Dusty’s family, she comes back into town and Mike thinks she hasn’t changed back to the sweet, funny girl he knew but instead continued to be selfish and thoughtless, leaving her family alone to deal with their mourning. So he seeks her out and confronts her in an effort to understand what went wrong and to force her to sort herself out.

He finds out quickly he’s wrong about Dusty Holliday. Very wrong. And right after Mike discovers that, the bond they had years before snaps back into place in ways he would never suspect.

But Mike Haines had a bad marriage then he played games of the heart for a good woman. And lost. In order to protect himself and his kids, he’s cautious, he’s careful to read the signs and he’s not interested in finding a woman he has to fix.

Then he learns what happened to Dusty and he thinks she needs to be fixed. He swings, he misses and in this new game of hearts, for Dusty, Mike just got strike three.


Every time I read a book from this author I’m enjoying it. This one was not an exception although I had some problems with the main character. I’ve read many book written by Kristen Ashley and she’s one of my favorite authors of this genre. I know that some books could use a better editing but I don’t have a problem with that because the characters and the plot always keep my interest.

This is the story of Mike and Dusty. They knew each other from when they were in school because Mike was dating Dusty’s big sister when Dusty was just a twelve year old girl. Now, after a tragedy that happened to Dusty’s family they came closer and everything changed.

I will start with my the problem I had with Mike. Although he’s a nice guy he was extremely judgmental for my taste and in the first part of this book he made some pretty stupid decisions. I understand that he had serious problems with his ex-wife but that doesn’t mean that he had to act like a jerk. Also, I understand that he didn’t want his kids caught up in disturbing situations if he was with a woman who had problems, but I didn’t like his way of thinking when he thought that “if Dusty has problems and I don’t want to deal with that and she should have professional help”. I found it cold. Nevertheless, after a while he did right and he stopped thinking like a jerk and then I saw that he was a pretty decent guy who loved his kids very much and wanted the best for them.

I liked Dusty because she’s an independent woman who didn’t need a man in order to be happy. She could be happy without a man in her life because she knew how to live. Of course, it’s good that she found what she was looking for in Mike! She was great with everyone. She knew how to talk to each person and she knew her boundaries.

But I have to admit that in this book, my favorite love story was the one of Fin and Reesee. I loved both of them and, although, I usually don’t believe in high school love, this relationship had something very unique and I couldn’t help it… I loved it!

The plot was good but, unfortunately, without any surprises. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and I recommend it to all the fans of this genre!

Book Review: “Slashback” by Rob Thurman


“Slashback” by Rob Thurman

5 stars


I stopped and let them circle me, first because it was intriguing and, second, because, honestly, what could they do? Only knives, but all armed, and that made them even more interesting. Interesting. Fun.


Taking on bloodthirsty supernatural monsters is how Caliban and Niko Leandros make a living. But years ago—before they became a force to be reckoned with—the brothers were almost victims of a very human serial killer.


Unfortunately for them, that particular depraved killer was working as apprentice to a creature far more malevolent—the legendary Spring-heeled Jack. He’s just hit town. He hasn’t forgotten what the Leandros brothers did to his murderous protégé. He hasn’t forgotten what they owe him.

And now they are going to pay… and pay… and pay.…


Once more I am going to say that this series is one of the best urban fantasy series I’ve ever read! Every time I read a book with Cal and Niko I am sure that there is no way the next one to be as good. But every time I am wrong. This series is just getting better and better!

But there is one reason to love this book even more. There is again Niko’s POV and it’s from twelve years ago! And I have to say that I love these flashbacks because we can see Niko and Cal as kids. Of course, most of the times are heart-breaking to read. But with these flashbacks we can see why Niko became the man he is now and we can also learn some very valuable information that left me speechless and I am not going to share because I know many people don’t appreciate spoilers!

Cal is definitely darker. I believe that Niko is the only thing that keeps him from the bad side of himself. As a kid, he was great and smart and with Niko’s help he became a good man also. I believe that he’s equally afraid and fascinated by his darker side.

Niko is a great man who will always look after his brother. Since he was a boy he acted like a parent for him and he has no regrets. I respect him for that and I want to find happiness in his life because I believe that his stress isn’t letting him enjoy his life.

Goodfellow is still one of my favorites secondary characters in an urban fantasy book and in this book we learn some very important information about him and the brothers! I love him even more now!!

I loved this book very much and I recommend the whole series to all the fans of this genre!

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